AirBridgeCargo at a glance


ABC is one of the world’s fastest-growing global cargo airlines, and its expanding route network connects customers in the largest trans-regional markets of Asia, Europe, and North America, covering more than 30 major cargo gateways and accommodating trade flows worldwide. All the flights are operated via ABC’s cargo hub in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, featuring up-to-date equipment and guaranteeing seamless connection throughout the airline’s expanded international network within a 48-hour delivery time, including handling, all managed by highly-skilled and qualified ground handling personnel. ABC’s fleet consists of 18 Boeing 747 freighters (four —400ERFs, three —400Fs, and eleven —8Fs), which is one of the youngest and modern in the airline industry.

The excellent operating advantages of ABC’s freighter fleet, the performance of the airline’s logistics practitioners, and constant improvements of its internal processes enable the airline to carry all types of air cargo in full compliance with global industry standards. Over the last few years, ABC has strengthened its position at the market, providing transportation for those types of cargo, requiring special handling procedures, such as pharmaceutical products, oversize and heavy equipment and machinery, dangerous goods, live animals, perishables and valuable goods. The Company also offers the possibility to charter Boeing 747 flights in a response to customers’ needs.

The Company is IATA member, IOSA certified and obtains a number of certifications for operations of special cargoes delivery, among them being IATA CEIV, QEP certification. It is also a member of industry-related associations, such as CargoiQ, Cool Chain association, and others.

Throughout its development, ABC has achieved strong growth, reporting a compound average tonnage increase of 17% in the last five years and has been awarded with industry awards for its high level of quality performance and growth, both at national and international levels.

AirBridgeCargo in Italy

AirBridgeCargo has been operating to Milan (Malpensa airport), Italy since 2009, providing dedicated maindeck lift for customers from Italy to Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. AirBridgeCargo has come a long path to get its reputation as a reliable international carrier with the high level of services and global coverage. Having started with just two frequencies per week, the company guarantees up to eight flights per week and is strongly positioned at the airfreight market being among TOP 5 carriers from Italy.

In 2016, ABC has reinforced its commercial side and concentrated on the development of its centralized sales structure complimented by regional expertise, instead of relying on GSA network in the regions of ABC footprint. ABC has opened its own office in Milan, with sales and customer service support ready to cater customers’ needs.

With direct management being in place, AirBridgeCargo has been successfully implementing its product development strategy, focusing on special industries with a specific set of requirements, including fashion&apparel, automotive, oversize and heavy, pharmaceutical products, and others.

AirBridgeCargo – products

ABC is a scheduled carrier with a modern fleet of 747 freighters and there is hardly any cargo the company cannot transport. The Company’s certified and highly-qualified team of experts can handle any type of cargo, meeting customers’ requirements in full compliance with industry-related regulations and rules, providing value-added services powered by digital technologies.

abc XL

Special solutions for heavy and oversized cargo, which according to its dimensions, weight, and property cannot be loaded onto an aircraft on a standard pallet position. ABC offers customizable logistics solutions, embracing each step of transportation, including:

  • on-site technical manufacturer’s inspection and consultation
  • customizable logistics solutions (from design and manufacture to packaging and delivery)
  • 3D modeling for load planning of complex shipments
  • possibility of cargo attendants on board and at shipper’s site
  • special operating procedures for transportation of aerospace, oil&gas, and automotive sectors

abc Pharma

Logistics solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and life-saving medical equipment across the globe in full compliance with IATA TCR and CEIV certification.

  • Exact temperature monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • Special packaging solutions and thermal blankets for palletized shipments
  • Customer service support 24/7, online track&trace option for all shipments
  • QEP certified network
  • Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 with three compartments enabling different temperature settings from 4°C to 29°C
  • Temperature control facilities on a majority of stations throughout the ABC network
  • High-tech pharma hub at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport with effective connections to deliver cargo worldwide
  • abc PHARMA Active and abc PHARMA Passive solutions

abc DG and abc DG/Li

ABC is fully equipped to handle and deliver dangerous cargo, with customized logistics solutions tailored to the needs of each shipment.

  • Full compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, Doc 9284 AN/905
  • Fully certified to transport all Classes of dangerous goods, including explosives and radioactive materials
  • Acceptance of all types of lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries, both single and in an equipment, including cases under special provisions A88, A99
  • Assistance with testing for safe transportation and obtaining of the respective report (UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3)
  • Transportation of hybrid vehicles with lithium-ion battery engines
  • Possibility to obtain exemptions and approvals for carriage of certain goods

abc Care

ABC has more than 14 years of experience in the transportation of live animals and dedicated staff trained in handling animals. Thanks to ABC extensive experience, the company can assist its customers with every step along the way.

  • Full compliance with IATA LAR regulations
  • Highest priority during booking and cargo loading with shortest possible transit times
  • Live animal advisor specialists
  • Cooperation with local authorities for smooth handling processes
  • Possibility to rent special containers, including horse stalls and kennels
  • Possibility of cargo attendants/grooms accompanying live animals on board

abc Valuable

From artwork to jewellery and beyond, ABC handles valuable cargo with absolute discretion, confidentiality, and guarantee it will get to its destination safely.

  • 24/7 security monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • Certified and experienced staff across the entire ABC network
  • Full compliance with national and international security relevant procedures and internal/external safety regulations
  • Strict discretion and confidential handling
  • Possibility of cargo attendants to accompany and monitor theft endangered goods on board
  • Inspection of high-tech goods and ULD for any damage visually or with the use of special tools

Bullet points:

  • Strong footprint since 2009
  • Among TOP 5 airfreight carriers from Italy
  • 8 direct flights to Asia and North America with maindeck capacity uplift
  • More than 1,000 weekly connectivity options through Moscow Sheremetyevo cargo hub
  • Qualified and trained logistics practitioners with global vision and local market expertise