AirBridgeCargo at a glance


AirBridgeCargo, part of Volga-Dnepr Group, is one of the global cargo carriers with an expanded international route network which connects customers in the largest trans-regional markets of Asia, Europe, and North America and covers more than 30 major cargo gateways, accommodating trade flows worldwide. All the flights are operated via Russia to guarantee seamless connection throughout the airline’s expanded international network within a 48-hour delivery time, including handling, all managed by highly skilled and qualified ground handling personnel. ABC’s fleet consists of Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 freighters and is one of the youngest and most modern in the airline industry.

Operating at the market since 2004, ABC is committed to catering to the needs of its customers worldwide with the services of high quality. The excellent operating advantages of ABC’s freighter fleet, the performance of the airline’s highly skilled personnel, and constant improvements of its internal processes enable the airline to carry all types of air cargo in full compliance with global industry standards, including cargoes requiring observance of special handling conditions. The Company is constantly reviewing its existing service offers to realign them with market and customers’ expectations.

The Company is IATA member, IOSA certified and obtains a number of certifications for operations of special cargoes delivery, among them being IATA CEIV, QEP certification. It is also a member of industry-related associations, such as CargoiQ, Cool Chain association, and others.

Throughout its development, ABC has achieved strong growth and has been awarded with industry awards for its high level of quality performance and growth, both at national and international levels.

AirBridgeCargo in Italy

AirBridgeCargo has been operating to Milan (Malpensa airport), Italy since 2009, providing dedicated maindeck lift for customers from Italy to Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. AirBridgeCargo has come a long path to get its reputation as a reliable international carrier with the high level of services and global coverage. Having started with just two frequencies per week, the company guarantees up to eight flights per week and is strongly positioned at the airfreight market being among TOP 5 carriers from Italy.

In 2016, ABC has reinforced its commercial side and concentrated on the development of its centralized sales structure complimented by regional expertise, instead of relying on GSA network in the regions of ABC footprint. ABC has opened its own office in Milan, with sales and customer service support ready to cater customers’ needs.

With direct management being in place, AirBridgeCargo has been successfully implementing its product development strategy, focusing on special industries with a specific set of requirements, including fashion&apparel, automotive, oversize and heavy, pharmaceutical products, and others.

Amid the pandemic in 2020, AirBridgeCargo together with other carriers of Volga-Dnepr Group, was on the frontline to leverage the emerging COVID-19 cargoes worldwide. Through the Volga-Dnepr Group’s Cargo Supermarket offering, the Company was able to expand the number of commodities and help its customers in delivering PPE, medicines, medical equipment, out-of-gauge sanitizing and outdoor disinfecting vehicles, ambulance cars and other sophisticated cargoes which require additional expertise and experience. ABC has also seen an increase in e-commerce shipments as people switched from offline to online shopping, as well as rise of high-tech goods when people tried to equip their ‘work-from-home’ environment.

AirBridgeCargo – products

ABC is a scheduled carrier with a modern fleet of 777 and 747 freighters and there is hardly any cargo the company cannot transport. The Company’s certified and highly qualified team of experts can handle any type of cargo, meeting customers’ requirements in full compliance with industry-related regulations and rules, providing value-added services powered by digital technologies. At the moment ABC offers specialist services for healthcare, high-tech, e-commerce, automotive, outsized and other products.